1st Person Comes Forward, Grim Details Of What Happened On Prince’s Plane

Posted On : June 22, 2016

Since Prince died back in April, so many aspects of his life remain a mystery since he was adamant about maintaining his privacy. But now, a young lady has come forward with details about the days leading up to Prince’s death. According to the New York Times, Judith Hill was Prince’s final protégé and she happened to be on the plane with him the night they had to make an emergency landing because he’d fallen unconscious.


She Could Have Mistaken His Unconscious State For A Nap

Prince-Protege-Judith-Hill-3After doing two shows, fans were initially told Prince's illness was due to the flu but apparently it was also the result of an overdose. Hill's presence might have been the reason Prince actually made it through that night. At first glance, anyone else probably would have thought that Prince had dozed off on the plane that night, but since they were having dinner at the time he collapsed, she was able to seek medical attention.

If she hadn't been looking directly at him, she could have mistaken his unconscious state for a nap. "Thankfully, I happened to be looking into his face,” she said. However, that didn't stop the nervousness she felt being confined to an aircraft when he needed to be heading to a hospital. She immediately ran to the front of the plane and told Prince's longtime friend and assistance, Kirk Johnson. He alerted the pilot and that's when they made the emergency landing.
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R.I.P. Prince Rogers Nelson

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