OMG! See Why The CIA Tried To Destroy Eartha Kitt!

Posted On : December 7, 2015

eartha kitt1The late Eartha Kitt may have only stood 5’4″ tall, weighed about a buck 0-5, and was famously known as the “sex kitten’ who seduced Santa with her words in her song, “Santa Baby” (and later seduced Eddie Murphy in Boomerang, LOL), but let’s not forget that she was also a very dedicated and outspoken social activist.

That brings us to this CIA investigation that began in the late 1960’s on Ms. Kitt. She was furious to find out that she was being investigated like she was a criminal and it all stemmed from the time she spoke out at a White House function in 1968 and made President Lyndon B. Johnson’s wife cry like a baby in front of a room full of folks. Here is what was reported in the New York Times when in 1968:

eartha4Singer Eartha Kitt stunned fellow guests at a White House luncheon and left Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson in tears Thursday when she declared angrily that the Vietnam War was causing American youth to rebel in the cities.

About 50 white and Negro women invited to the White House to discuss President Johnson’s proposals to combat crime in the streets sat at their tables in embarrassed silence as Miss Kitt delivered an emotional tirade against the war.

“You send the best of this country off to be shot and maimed,” she told her fellow guests. “They rebel in the street. They will take pot…and they will get high. They don’t want to go to school because they’re going to be snatched off from their mothers to be shot in Vietnam.”

eartha gifMrs. Johnson rose afterward and looked directly at the singer, who leaned against a podium. “Because there is a war on–and I pray that there will be a just and honest peace–that still doesn’t give us a free ticket not to try to work for better things such as against crime in the streets, better education, and better health for our people,” Mrs. Johnson said, her voice trembling and tears welling in her eyes.

The President had dropped in on the luncheon briefly, and answered a pointed question from Miss Kitt, but left before her outburst. Miss Kitt, her eyes flashing in defiance while she puffed on a cigarette and jabbed a finger at her startled audience, said American youth are “angry because their parents are angry…because there is a war going on that they don’t understand.” She told Mrs. Johnson that youngsters feel alienated because “they can’t get to you and they can’t get to the President, and so they rebel in the streets.”

eartha gif2After that, Eartha was ridiculed by a governor’s wife who was also in the audience and that forced Eartha to go even farther…after she briefly apologized:

Miss Kitt rose during a question-and-answer period afterward and apologized for speaking up if she had offended the President and his wife. But, she said, turning to the other well-dressed guests. “I have to say what is in my heart.” She said she had not walked the streets of ghettos as a crusader as some of the other guests had, but “I have lived in the gutters.”

“I’m sorry,” Mrs. Johnson replied. “I cannot understand the
things that you do. I have not lived with the background that you have. I cannot
speak as passionately or as well as you. But I think we have made advances in
these things and we will do more.”

eartha gif3Eartha shot back at Mrs. Johnson again:

“We have to realize where the…

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