Dame Dash Revealed WEIRD Situation, How Him & Jay-Z Dated Aaliyah At Same Time

Posted On : August 26, 2016

Aaliyah was sadly taken away from us on August of 2001, so it marks 15 years since Aaliyah’s untimely passing. We were pretty amazed that many of you didn’t know that Aaliyah dated by Jay-Z and Dame Dash! Our fascination with Aaliyah didn’t start after her death, but while she was still very young she was mysterious. In many interviews, she declined to reveal aspects of her private life, which is understandable in light of R. Kelly’s marriage to her when she was underage – the details of which she never publicly acknowledged during her lifetime.

“She was the one — she was definitely the one for me."

aaliyah and damon dash100 More abstractly, Aaliyah emanated a remarkably cool distance that only drew us closer, but shortly after her death, she had gotten into a close relationship with Dame Dash to a point they were thinking about getting married. See what Dame says happened with both him and Jay-Z dating Aaliyah next.  

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