9 Old School Sex Songs That Probably Shouldn’t Have Been On The Radio

Posted On : February 7, 2015

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Most of us love a good freaky Old School jam every now and although we loved these songs back in the day, we gotta admit that they probably shouldn’t have been played on the radio…LOL. Some of these songs are 30 and 40 years old, but they still are soul classics to this day and they have NOTHING on the songs that are being played today, but they’re still risque’ to say the least.

Check out the list and let us know if there’s any other Old School “sex song” you would have added.

Clarence Carter: Strokin’

When Clarence asked “have you ever made love on the back seat of a car?” And after the police caught him, he said he was just “strokin’.” LOL…Clarence was no joke. Check out what else he says in the song. Mr. Carter just got write to the point with that hook too: “I be strokin’ that’s what I be doing, I be strokin’…I stroke it to the east, and I stroke it to the west, I stroke it to the woman that I love best…”

Appolonia 6: Sex Shooter

This may have been more about how she and her predecessor (Vanity) dressed in all their videos than what she was talking about in the song.

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