The 90s Group, BlackGirl, Have TOTALLY Different Careers Now! See What…

Posted On : April 11, 2016

Black girl2

When the group, BlackGirl, burst onto the music scene in 1994, not only did they have some crazy hits, “90’s Girl,” “Treat You Right,” and “Where Did We Go Wrong,” but they had the two S’s- they were sexy and they could SANG!

What we’ve recently learned about these three ladies is that after they stepped away from the music industry, they became savvy businesswomen in their own right and two of them are still working together to this day. Another plus is that ALL three of them are just as fine as they were twenty plus years ago! I don’t know how they did it, but somehow they have managed to age very gracefully and they can probably still fit into those same thigh high stockings and silk gowns they were rockin’ in their videos and on their album cover back in the day. Check them out ILOSM family…


Lookin' really good ladies! Check out what business they own now.>>>

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