90’s Singer Tells WHY She Killed Her Pro-Boxer Husband

Posted On : June 14, 2016

This 90’s singer’s name is Kia Jeffries. She was part of the 90’s group, 4Kast (best known for their 90’s song, “I Tried”) and she was also known for singing the hook on rapper, Akinyele’s underground 90’s hit, “Put It In Your Mouth.” The thing Kia unfortunately made headlines the most for though, was murdering her pro-boxer husband, Ernest Abdul-Mateen (46) when she was 37 years old…


kia jefffries and husband Kia "Babydoll" Jeffries explains detail by detail, what exactly happened at 4:40a.m. in the morning when she unfortunately killed her husband, Ernest (pictured above) who was also the father of her son...

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