Meshell N’Degeocello Emotionally Speaks Out After Her Mom Goes Missing For Weeks

Posted On : April 25, 2017

After searching for her Mother for days, singer/musician, Meshell N’Degeocello, can finally breath a sigh of relief. We’ve just found out that Meshell’s mother, Helen Byrd Johnson, was found, but little did we know the “[Let Me Run My Fingers through Your] Dreadlocks” singer had been searching for her mother, who has dementia, ever since April 10th (2017). We have also are just learning that on April 21st, Meshell started posting online messages on social media, asking her fans for help finding her mother…probably after she and her family had exhausted all possibilities of locating her on their own.

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The first hint that something may have been wrong in Meshell’s life was on April 13th when she simply posted this two-word message on Instagram…


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Her fans were confused by what her post represented, but still sent uplifting messages her way, sensing that something was wrong:

@geoff_warner_clayton: Sending you energy for whatever you need right now. ❤

@dmsplace: Lifting you up always. Proud to be a brick in the foundation😏

Meshell N’Degeocello’s Messages About Her Missing Mother

Although Meshell still had not clarified, with her followers, what her prior post meant, it wasn’t until eight days later, on April 21st, that she’d finally submitted to her fans and asked for their help with finding her Mother…

Soon afterwards, her fans began spreading the word and were literally on the search for her Mother. Meshell then shared several more posts and details about her Mom. She also vented about the stress of her contractual obligations to still musically perform through the heart-wrenching pain of not knowing whether Ms. Helen was safe, or if the worst had happened to her as she drove through the streets with dementia. These were the posts that Meshell shared…

@beeschindler MY MOTHERS CAR IS A FORD TAURUS / this car is similar in color may have a green hue from a distance

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Here’s how the stress and demands of Meshell’s job then began to take it’s toll on her…understandably so…check out her next posts…



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Signing out and Deleting …thank you everyone please contact the police if you have any info

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Meshell N’Degeocello’s Touching Messages Of Gratitude After Her Mother Was Found

On Monday, April 24th, Meshell’s fans rejoiced for her, after she posted a message with one word that had a ton of emotion behind it: ‘Found.’

Later that day, Meshell posted a throwback photo of her Mother along with a beautiful thank-you message to all of her fans for their help…

We are beyond happy for Meshell and her family to have found her mother, Helen Byrd Johnson, safe and sound. This truly touched us and it just goes to show what the power of prayer, persistence, and social media can do. Sending positive energy to Meshell and family at this time.

By the way, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Meshell’s music, you’re missing out on some REAL classics. So we’ve included a few of her jams below, for all of our non-N’degeocello-informed ILOSM family members…




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