Aaron Hall Revealed His Side Hustle JOB & Nobody Expected It To Be THIS!

Posted On : August 19, 2016

Aaron Hall is known for singing the hell outta those Guy records back in the day, but little did we know, he also picked up a side hustle along the way…one that caught everybody off guard by the way. Why? Because it’s just unexpected that’s all. See what it is below…


aaron hall

Aaron Hall was a professional dog trainer who would apparently come to your home to train your dog. Sure that sounds pretty normal, but what's interesting is that Aaron shows up to suburb, USA rockin' a pimp suit and pimp hat, to train unruly dogs of random people in need of dog help...I kid you NOT! What's impressive is that Aaron is very good at training dogs and it's even more impressive that he literally trains them in many languages, including Vietnamese, Spanish, German and more.We're not sure if he still has this side hustle, but about 5 or 6 years ago, he had a brief reality show called "Aaron Hall's Dog Rehab."
Just when you thought you knew a person huh? Check out a clip of Aaron in action on the job below...
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