Aaron Hall Revealed His Side Hustle JOB & Nobody Expected It To Be THIS!

Posted On : August 19, 2016

Aaron Hall is known for singing the hell outta those Guy records back in the day, but little did we know, he also picked up a side hustle along the way…one that caught everybody off guard by the way. Why? Because it’s just unexpected that’s all. See what it is below…


Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 3.20.27 PM Aaron Hall's side job is actually impressive and strange. The job itself is not strange, but it's the WAY Aaron does the job that is. Aaron- the self described son of a pastor with the inherited mindset of his grandfather, who was a pimp- has managed to incorporate his pimp/preacher man DNA into this his side hustle and it's the blend, combined with the normal job, that caught our attention...check it out>>>

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