After Asking The Rock For A Movie Opp, Tank Turns Down Reality Show For Interesting Reason

Posted On : November 13, 2017
Tank and fiancee, Zena Foster

The Platinum Life:

Tank recently turned heads on social media when he reached out to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for a movie opportunity. Then, he clapped back at a fan after he was criticized for doing so. At the time, Tank expressed how difficult it is to find great financial opportunities in his line of work. But now, he has fans scratching their heads because he’s turned down a television opportunity he and his wife, Zena Foster, could have profited from. However, Tank has a legitimate reason for his decision.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

So here’s what happened, Tank and his wife were interesting in being part of E!’s The Platinum Life and actually participated in the pilot for the reality show. The show reportedly follows the lives of wives and girlfriends of rappers and singers, so Tank and Zena may have been a great asset to the show. However, things weren’t exactly all good behind the scenes. Word on the Old School curb is that Zena was butting heads with some of the cast members. According to one insider, “While they were filming the pilot, Zena had some on camera and off camera conflict with the cast.”

Not Enough Money:

With all the drama associated with the show, Tank reportedly decided to make an executive decision and turn down the offer. In a nutshell, the drama isn’t worth the amount of money E! is offering Tank for the show. The insider also explained how the payment structure works. “Husbands and boyfriends are technically on the show in a supporting role, so they don’t get compensated as much. They only get paid a fee and the women (who are really the cast) are paid per episode.”

It has also been reported that Tank reportedly tried to negotiate with VH1 for a bigger payday, but to no avail. Since VH1 refused to go up, “Tank felt like he was worth more money than he was offered. The network wouldn’t budge so they cast the show without them.”

The Show Must Go On:

However, it looks like the show will go on. According to E! News, there’s a star-studded cast consisting of “some of music’s most savvy women and their significant others as they live their first-class lifestyles,” according to Deadline.

The show’s cast includes Crystal Smith, wife of singer, songwriter, producer and actor Ne-Yo; La’Myia Good, married to songwriter and producer Eric Bellinger; Shantel Jackson, in a relationship with rapper, singer, songwriter and producer Nelly; rapper and songwriter Lola Monroe, in a relationship with rapper, songwriter and producer King Los; Asiah Azante, married to recording artist, songwriter and producer Kid Ink; Nazanin Mandi, engaged to singer, songwriter and producer Miguel; and newly single recording artist Alycia Bellamy.

Back in July, Jeff Olde, E!’s Executive Vice President for Programming & Development, released a statement about the show after the first season was given the green light. “We are excited to give viewers an all-access pass to see how these fearless women climb to the top both personally and professionally.”

Hopefully, Tank’s audition goes well for the Hobbs movie. If so, his decision to turn down The Platinum Life may be a big power move.

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