After Audio Tapes Killed Lawsuit Against Usher, Accuser Laura Helm Aims At New Target

Posted On : January 9, 2018
Laura Helm, Usher’s accuser

A couple months ago, Laura Helm sparked a media firestorm and had fans givin’ Usher the side eye when she claimed the singer had given her Herpes. But after an incriminating audio tape surfaced, her case fell apart. Although she’s no longer coming after Usher, that doesn’t mean she’s given up hope of receiving compensation. Now, she’s reportedly found another target for a lawsuit.

HIPAA Violation Or Nah?:

According to TMZ, Helm’s legal team is preparing to file a lawsuit against three medical insurance companies. It has been reported that she alleges that United Healthcare, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Louisiana and Golden Rule Insurance Company all “revealed her private sensitive health information.” In addition to the insurance companies, Laura is said to be suing the blog that initially obtained and published the documents back in August. She also alleges that the blog defamed her character by insisting she “committed insurance fraud.” The post was a follow-up to the reports about the lawsuit Helm filed in July. Then, in September, she revealed her own identity in legal documents.

A Victory After An “L”?:

The latest news about Laura Helm follows the dismissal of her case against Usher. For those who missed the reports about the audio tape, Helm admitted that she and Usher only had protected sex so she wasn’t exposed to the sexually transmitted disease like she initially claimed. Because of the audio tape, her attorney immediately withdrew from the case. When she hired a new attorney, that attorney quickly filed to dismiss the case. Only time will tell how the new case turns out for Laura Helm.

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