After Backlash,See How Ne-yo Backtracks On His Trump Inauguration Statement

Posted On : December 11, 2016

R&B singer/songwriter, Ne-yo, caught some heat from fans over the past few days, after TMZ caught up with him in the airport and asked him if he would be willing to perform at Donald Trump’s Inauguration. They were surprised by his response.

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Ne-yo responded that he would be willing to perform at Trump’s Inauguration, not because he supports him, but one of his reasons was because it would be a dope party.

While other African-American performers, such as Jamie Foxx, stated that they wouldn’t even attend. When Jamie Foxx was asked, he said the following.

“I’m going to leave all that alone, It’s kind of crazy,” he said in November.

jamie mean mugging

Ne-yo said he would go for the party and still express his disappointment with Trump being president while there.

Not to mention that Ne-yo would be getting PAID for performing at the White House.

Watch the video below: 

Well, someone must have gotten under his skin because he suddenly is claiming that the statements he made were a joke. He even went so far as to give Trump the middle finger…again.

Ne-yo took to Instagram to respond to the backlash.

Seriously y’all? Seriously…..🙄 It’s like some folks be SEARCHIN’ for a reason to hate. Lighten up. #🖕🏾DonaldTrump

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There’s no word on who will perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20th, but it’s probably safe to assume that finding a soul/R&B singer, a rapper, or any Black artist for that matter, who’s willing to sing and dance for Trump will probably be tough for Trump’s team to locate. Too bad Trump’s loyal supporters, Omarosa and Don King, don’t sing…although they have they have been accused of ‘tap dancing’ for him…


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By the way, obviously this isn’t just about African American artists, Elton John was rumored to play for the president-elect, but adamantly shot down that speculation with the quickness.


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