After Cursing Out Black Female Fans, See How Maxwell’s Changed His Tune

Posted On : May 25, 2016

If it’s one singer Black women love, it’s R&B crooner, Maxwell. BUT if there was one person Black women couldn’t have been more pissed off with at one point in time, it’s Maxwell. About three years ago, Maxwell was put on blast by many of his Black female fans and things got heated on Instagram after he cursed them out. Well fast forward to 2016 and Maxwell seems to have changed his tune about Black women somewhat…


BLACK WOMEN BLAST MAXWELL This photo of the two women (pictured above) is the one that sparked the backlash Maxwell caught from his Black female fans in 2013. It wasn't just the photo of these two White women (one of whom was allegedly his woman at the time), it was the many months of Maxwell mostly posting photos of White women (and some Latina), that caused his Black female fans to finally call him out on it when he posted this photo. Here are a few comments that were left on Maxwell's page:

“Here we go again with the white girls SMH Let’s see some Beautiful African Women”
“When he’s going to put out a new album, why he’s so fine, and…oh yeah, why the women that are often all over his Instagram photos aren’t black.”
“Ewww where are the beautiful sisters”
“No hate, but there is a lack of diversity and they are sooooooo skinny. #neverleaveoutyourcorefanbase”
"I’ve been Swallowed that pill.. For a about a month now you will not see him with NO women of color and this girl has her legs wide open?? Oh well to each his own SMH”
Yeah, they called Maxwell out real good one that one, BUT he responded with a VENGEANCE...
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We live and we learn and it looks like Maxwell has done just that, good for him.

-ILoveOldSchoolMusic, old school news with a new point of view


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