After DRAMA, En Vogue Says 1 MEMBER Absolutely Will NOT Be On New Album

Posted On : March 20, 2016
En Vogue
Dawn, Cindy, Terry, Maxine- the original members of En Vogue

En Vogue has had their fair share of ups and downs with their revolving door of members-old and new- throughout the years. After one of the members, Maxine Jones, spoke out a while back and blasted members, Terry Ellis and Cindy Herron, blaming them for ruining the group and messing up everybody’s money, and Maxine even went as far as to call her former group members “skanks“…yeah, it got pretty ugly. Now, Terry and Cindy have FINALLY said something about why Maxine and Dawn Robinson will not be on their upcoming album. Check out what was reported via Young Voices:

[Dawn]Robinson left the group in the mid-90s, just before releasing their album EV3. That was followed by [Maxine] Jones leaving in 2001, being replaced by Amanda Cole.

Terry, Cindy, and Rhona-the current members of En Vogue
Terry, Cindy, and Rhona-the current members of En Vogue

In 2003, Cole left and was replaced by Rhona Bennett. In 2005, all the original ladies came back together, but then split up again, and did the same for their 20th anniversary tour in 2009. Today, Herron, Ellis and Bennett are carrying on the torch.

Robinson returned to the group on and off over a number of years, most recently departing the line-up in 2011.

maxine of envogue

On whether the original four would ever perform together again, Herron says: “I would say never say never. But so much has happened between the four of us.”

The 54-year-old continues: “Dawn has pretty much always wanted to be a solo artist – you know, there have been times when she came back and she decided to leave again. And we had a legal falling out with Maxine – she chose to leave and not come and do shows with us – and that resulted in an internal issue regarding management. She chose to leave and it created a legal problem because we had to resolve our issues and we had to go into litigation. She left and said she would never come back.

En Vogue

“So based on all of those things, from where we stand, it looks like she won’t ever come back and she publicly said she won’t. So it doesn’t look like [the four of us will get back together] based on where we stand today.”

“We still absolutely love singing,” Herron affirms. “We’re not done just yet. We’re not ready to put the mics down.”

en vogue8

And there it is family…our high hopes that we would one day see the original members of En Vogue together again singing “Hold On” and “Don’t Let Go” have clearly been thrown clean outta the window. So much for making it through the tough times like other groups, such as The Temptations, SWV and New Edition have been able to do. That’s never an easy task though and we understand that. So En Vogue, as we know it, is a wrap, but word on the Old School curb is that the revised En Vogue has been killing it in their concerts also. Hopefully Dawn and Maxine will also be giving us new music soon because all of those ladies can SANG!

In the meantime, let’s end this one with the perfect theme song for En Vogue’s situation- The Stylistics’ “Break Up To Make Up”…

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