After Fans Accuse Brandy Of Shading Mariah, Brandy Checks All Of ‘Em w/Epic Response

Posted On : July 22, 2017

By now, we all know that in the world of social media, interpretations of what a celebrity posts and the persistent drama cravings of fans have a tendency to run rampant.

There are three types of celebs when it comes to social media: (1) Celebrities who run clean away from social media, which in my opinion is horrible because that puts them in the out-of-sight-out-of-mind category in this day and age. (2) Celebs who utilize social media on the regular, but do not engage with their fans. (3)  The few celebs who not only post on social media, but sometimes interact with their fans on there. Those are my favorite types of celebrities, because they prove they’re not cowards who are afraid to speak directly to the public without a buffer, nor filter. Brandy Norwood falls in this category and on Friday (7-21-17) she proved it once again.

Why Fans Blasted Brandy Over Mariah

Apparently, fans were caught off guard by Brandy’s Instagram post, which was a throwback photo of her hugging Mariah Carey. She captioned her photo “#SheKnowsMe,” which many fans quickly assumed to be a shady message toward Mariah. Why? Well it’s because Mariah has often gotten called out for the times she’s blatantly thrown shade at Jennifer Lopez throughout their years-long rumored beef. In past interviews, whenever Mariah was asked about Jennifer Lopez, she’d say “I don’t know her” but then she’d go on to praise other artists, like Beyonce’ (as shown in the video clip below).

Brandy was accused of trying to send the message that Mariah may act like she doesn’t know her (Brandy), but she does. Comments were soon left all up and down Brandy’s post, from fans who were telling her she was wrong for stepping into the JLo-Mariah tension to throw shade. Yes, people were reaching a lil’ bit with that one, but it is what it is.

Brandy’s Clap Back

Brandy quickly clapped back with a classic response. She edited her original post to include this message…

4everbrandy: #SheKnowsMe @mariahcarey #fbf Oh My God, what happened?? I swear to Goodness I don’t know what the fuss it about. I love this pic and now everyone thinks I’m throwing shade?? At who??? This is funny. Can’t take this one down, I love this picture and whenever I’m throwing shade (light) it’s not questionable, you know that I am!!! Also, I’ve met her several times like the several seats that should be taken, she does know me. Not well…..but she would say hi at 7 eleven or Rite Aid… #chileHi

Afterwards, some fans praised her response and others still thought she was shady. Brandy even took the time to personally address a few of those commenters to further explain her point.

Soooo…are we all clear now? Brandy has nothing but love for Mariah…and J.Lo, aaight? Moving on…

In Non-Shady News…

Two things I’d like to address:
1. I’m diggin’ this slightly thicker version of Brandy…

2. The song dedication she just performed live for her brother, Ray-J, was a beautiful thing to witness. Check it out below…

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