Halle Showed Her Very Different Looking Pre-Famous Photo & Fans Shamed Her Over It

Posted On : October 8, 2017

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Ever since Halle played Samuel Jackson’s crackhead ex “prom queen” girlfriend in Jungle Fever, most of us, Berry fans, have been loving her. Throughout her highs- her historical Oscar win, the birth of her two children; to her lows – her three failed marriages and failed relationships- fans supported her. Well, that still holds true, but it’s a new day in age with the world of social media. Behind those cell phones and keyboards, folks get real gutsy with their reactions to celebs.’ Halle got a dose of that after sharing her throwback photo online.

The Photo That Has Fans Going ‘Hmmmm…’

Halle Berry has been beautiful ever since the world was introduced to her during the Arsenio Hall Show era. Speaking of which, after seeing the throwback photo Halle posted on Instagram months ago, some fans thought it could have been filed under the Arsenio Hall Show’s “Things that make you go hmmmm…” category.

Halle posted her photo for ‘Flashback Friday,’ with a caption that offered great advice to her younger self: “If I could give this young girl some advice… I’d tell her to do it all the same… no regrets. #FBF.” That wonderful message was applauded by many, but for some it was completely overshadowed by Halle’s ‘different nose.’ Check it out below…

Via Halle’s Instagram: @halleberry “If I could give this young girl some advice… I’d tell her to do it all the same… no regrets. #FBF”

Fans React

Halle has publicly stated that she fully embraces the process of aging gracefully, without plastic surgery. So y’all know people couldn’t wait to call her out on her ‘pre-fame nose,’ in an attempt to get her to own up to it…






Does Halle look like she had a little nose work done? Possibly. But was she just as beautiful back in the day, as she is today, as a 51 year old legend? Hell yes!

She Ain’t Got No Worries…Get Your Dance On Ms. Berry!

Halle owes no one an explanation and hopefully she’s still enjoying her day, even after the plastic surgery shaming.

As long as she’s happy, her nose controversy is a non-factor for her. Moral of the story is: Do what makes you happy and if you choose to own it, so be it…if not, that’s all good too- it’s your life…live it.

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