After Legal Problems, Color Me Badd Singer Has MAJOR Body Transformation

Posted On : April 19, 2016

color me badd5

Remember when Color Me Badd had everybody singing “Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, I wanna sex you UP!” and “I Adore Mi Amor”? Those songs were off the chain back in the day, weren’t they?!! A major part of Color Me Badd’s signature sound came from the lead singer, Bryan Abrams,’ falsetto tone. He was the cool White dude who had the ladies swooning and the fellas respecting his flow. But after the group reached 8 times platinum, they faded into pop/R&B history. The stress they faced after success, took a huge toll on Bryan and it drastically affected his health and his physical appearance. Many were shocked to see the brotha as a matter of fact. See the legal problems he revealed and His physical transformation below…


BRYAN ABRAMS HAD SEVERAL LEGAL PROBLEMS Bryan's run-ins with the law really started around 2006 and continued consistently for the next few years, but many were very shocked when Bryan walked into a court room in 2014 like THIS>>>

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