After Rocky Past w/Daughter, Monifah Proudly Shows Off Her NEW GRANDBABIES!

Posted On : January 11, 2017

By now most of us Old Schoolers who know a lil’ something about 90’s R&B, also know a few things about singer, Monifah: she’s happily married to a woman, Terez Thorpe; she had a rough patch with alcohol and drug addiction some years ago; she was Heavy D’s R&B protege,’ and her daughter didn’t approve of her lesbian relationship. Now, Monifah (46) has another title- she is a proud grandmother of her daughter’s adorable babies! See Monifah’s grandbabies and the status of their relationship below…


screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-12-11-21-pm Quick backstory: Some you may recall how it was tough to watch Monifah and her daughter, Akemi (shown above), have a heart to heart convo on a 2012 episode of R&B Divas. They openly discussed Monifah's absence for part of Akemi's childhood due to her addictions, as well as Akemi's disapproval of her mom's lesbian relationship:

“The word is the word, and the Bible is clear about homosexuality. I believe homosexuality is a broken [part of] of our sexuality,”said Akemi. Monifah then asked Akemi if she can accept her union with Terez, Akemi replied, “I don’t. I don’t support it.”
Viewers watched Monifah fight to hold back painful tears, while simultaneously saying 'No I'm not hurt' and that she was proud of Akemi for standing by her beliefs. SEE WHERE THEY ARE NOW & MONIFAH'S GRANBABIES>>>
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