After Severely Dragging Each Other, Exes Vivica Fox & 50 Cent Do What No One Expected

Posted On : October 18, 2017

Well looka here ILOSM family: if there is a hell somewhere, it has officially frozen over! Wednesday, October 18, 2017, is a day that actress, Vivica Fox, and her ex-boyfriend, 50 Cent, need to etch in their diaries, just in case they have a relapse and start dissin’ each other again.

Their Tumultuous Beef Years After Breakup

2003: 50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox at 2003 MTV Video Music Awards in NYC. (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

As many of us already know, the two dated for quite some time years ago. Things, didn’t work out and they mutually went their separate ways. Then things took a brutal turn for the worse after 50 blamed the cause of Empire’s then decreasing TV ratings on “too much gay stuff” on the show. Viv’- who guest stars on Empire- eventually shot back at 50 in an interview, by insinuating he too was gay: “First of all, pot calling the kettle black is all I’m saying,” Vivica said about 50 on Watch What Happens Live.

Once that happen, 50 Cent never let Vivica live that down and they became arch enemies. 50 posted many comical memes about Viv,’ and claimed that because he let her toss his salad during sex, “now she thinks I’m gay,” in one of his Instagram posts.

One of 50’s many Instagram posts about ex, Vivica Fox

Viv’ posted a feminine meme about 50, calling him a “b*tch” for “running his mouth like one,” as she denied his salad tossing accusation.

Vivica Fox’s meme clap-back to her ex, 50 Cent

Yeah…it got really ugly and they were both going for blood at that time. Then something remarkable happened in January of this year (2017). Vivica got a little choked up while talking about her and 50’s beef, because that’s when she revealed he was her ‘true love.’ She then revealed that they’d just seen each other at a Knicks game and decided to be cordial. But what they’ve now done together recently, is what shocked everybody…

50 Cent & Vivica Fox Back Together….Sorta

Behind the scenes, couple therapy tonight on 50Central. LOL #50centralbet

A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent) on

On early Wednesday, 50 Cent shared a clip from an upcoming episode of his new BET Show 50 Central. In a surprising, yet comical twist of events, him and Vivica Fox appeared together for a ‘couple’s therapy skit. They’re mocking the pubic beef that lasted for over a year, as well as the love they used to have for each other. Their BET Central episode will be airing tonight at 9:30E/10:30C on BET and from the looks of it, their skit is gonna be funny as hell. Check out the clip below and let us know what y’all think…

Good for Fif’ and Viv’ getting their grown folks on! We’re not sure if they have that “Make up to break up” kinda love going on, but we’ll let the Stylistics take us out on this one anyways, with their 70’s soul classic song lyrics: “Break up to make up, that’s all we do/ First you love me then you hate me, that’s a game for fools”

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