After Sharpton, Dr.J & More Fight For Meek Mill, Court Forces Judge To Grant His Request

Posted On : November 28, 2017

It’s been one rough month…well, on second thought, it’s been a straight up FOUL month for 30 year old rapper, Meek Mill. Unfortunately Meek has become the poster child for America’s corrupt justice system. It’s a system in which judges have the authority to completely demolish the lives of minorities LEGALLY and have been doing so for decades.

Al Sharpton (L); Meek Mil (R)

It’s not just judges though, it’s the structure of America’s justice system as a whole. As quiet as it’s kept, it is statistically proven that Black people get three times the sentencing of their White counterparts who commit the same- and in many cases, a more vicious- crime than their Black brethrens. That’s brings us back to Meek Mill’s current fight against the harsh sentencing that was handed down to him earlier in November (2017) and the current slight victory he’s just received.

What Caused Millions To Fight For Meek Mill

After Judge Genece Brinkley sentenced Meek to 2 – 4 years for a non-violent parole violation, in which he was simply riding his quad dirt bike down a New York street, all hell broke lose. Not only is she now said to be under investigation by the FBI, there have been millions of people of all races, rallying behind Meek Mill, in efforts to get his harsh sentencing dropped. FYI: This rallying cry has become far bigger than Meek, because his fame brings much needed attention to an overwhelming display of injustice and abuses of power that happens to millions of minorities everyday.

Dr. J. (L); Meek Mill (inset photo); Rick Ross (R)

To make matters worse for Meek’s case, more details have continued to surface about Judge Brinkley’s ‘personal vendetta’ against Meek, according to his attorney.  It’s been widely reported that Brinkley has disliked Meek Mill ever since she reportedly tried to persuade him to leave Jay Z’s Roc Nation label and sign with her business associate/friend, Charlie Mack’s label, but Meek refused. It was also reported that Brinkley is angry that Meek turned down her suggestion to record a song with Boyz II Men and give her a shout out on the joint.

Ever since those details surfaced, Rev. Al Sharpton, NBA legend, Julius “Dr. J” Irving, rappers Rick Ross, T.I., Jay Z, comedian Kevin Hart, and many more have called for Meek’s sentencing to be thrown out altogether.

Superior Court Orders Judge To STOP Delaying Meek’s Hearing…

The final say is still up to Judge Brinkley at this point. That’s why Meek and his attorney appealed to Superior Court, on November 16th, to ask that Meek be granted an emergency bail hearing. However, the higher court has just denied his request, but not without granting one small milestone victory for Meek, who is currently sitting in a Pennsylvania prison.

His emergency bail request was denied because his bail is still pending in lower court, which Judge Brinkley presides over. Brinkley has apparently been dragging her feet on setting a bail hearing for Meek. Not sure why, but based on all of the other allegations against her, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s doing it to Meek out of spite. Anyways, although the higher court denied the emergency bail hearing, it has just DEMANDED that Judge Brinkley get up off of her high horse and set a bail hearing IMMEDIATELY, “without further delay.”

Meek’s Rep Speaks Out After Superior Court’s Decisions

Meek Mill on his bike

Meek’s rep, Jordan Siev tells TMZ, “We’re pleased that the Superior Court took immediate action to direct the Court of Common Pleas to decide on the application for bail without further delay. We remain hopeful that Mr. Williams will be promptly released on bail.”

Not sure how Judge Brinkley’s gonna feel about this one, but legally she now has no choice but to give Meek his bail hearing ASAP. She’s in quite a pickle though. Based on Meek Mill’s actual “crime” of riding a quad bike down a city block -which he was NOT charged for- the judge is probably gonna have to come up with a better reason of why he’s a ‘threat’ to society if she does, in fact, try to deny Meek of bail.

Last time I checked, riding a quad bike, did not prove one to be a dangerous criminal, just saying. So hopefully Meek will at least be granted the opportunity to make bail while he and his attorney appeal Judge Brinkley’s harsh sentencing.

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