AGT Airs Emotional Audition Of Singing Doctor Killed In June, Siblings Speak On It

Posted On : July 12, 2017
Dr. Brandon Rogers, the singing doctor, R.I.P.

America’s Got Talent TV show, got a great blessing by way of the late Dr. Brandon Rogers. Some of you may remember when we first covered young singing doctor on ILoveOldSchoolMusic, after the video went viral of him singing a Boyz II Men song a while back. He SANG that song like nobody’s business, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Boyz II Men, who later invited the doctor to perform with them in Las Vegas for a few shows in late 2016. Check out a clip of that below…

Sadly, as we previously reported, last month (June 2017) Rob was killed at the young age of 29 in a car accident, after his friend fell asleep behind the wheel. Rob was riding in the passenger seat, along with two other passengers in the back, but he was the only one who died from his injuries.

Dr. Rogers Was Excited About Upcoming AGT Performance

At the time of his death, he’d been posting online about his excitement for being a contestant on the new season (which had not yet aired) of America’s Got Talent. It was widely reported that Brandon was becoming a standout star of the show (swipe left below)…

On Tuesday, July 11 2017, about one month after Brandon died, America’s Got Talent, in a very touching moment, posted a statement on the screen, just before airing Dr. Roger’s incredible performance:

“At the request of his family we would like to honor his memory by sharing his audition with you.” -NBC

In his audition, Brandon sang Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon In The Sky” and got a standing ovation. Also just before he sang, Brandon explained to the judges- Simon Cowell, Mel B., Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel- what made him enter the field of medicine:

Dr. Brandon Rogers to AGT judges: “My inspiration for becoming a doctor was kind of born out of a pretty tough experience when I was six years old when I came home from school one day and found my mom laying in a pool of blood. We rushed her to the hospital, the doctors were like heroes. They saved her life and it made me want to be the doctor that I am today. … I feel like I’m in a field where I’m actually making a difference, and there can be some tough days too. My way to cope with the stress has always been music. If I could find a way to combine being a doctor and medicine with music and singing that would be a dream come true.“

Watch Dr. Roger’s “America’s Got Talent” Audition

Brandon’s Family Speaks On AGT Episode & His Memory

It was a very bittersweet moment for his family, who spoke out in gratitude for AGT’s airing of Brandon. Here’s what Brandon’s brother, Danny, shared on Instagram on Tuesday before the show aired:

Anyone who followed Brandon on social media knows he was all about his family. He was very close to his parents, who have been married for 32 years…

He was also extremely close to his two siblings- Danny and Christiann…

#NationalSiblingDay …the lights of my life. literally. ❤️

A post shared by Dr. Brandon Rogers (@drb_rog) on

His siblings have been paying homage to their brother and keeping his legacy alive ever since his passing, with emotional posts that sum up both Brandon’s happy, down to earth personality and their sadness of losing him. See some of their posts below.

His brother, Danny Rogers, posted this the day after Brandon’s passing…

Brandon’s sister, Christiann, posted this (swipe left)…

Brother shares loved ones’ uplifting celebration of Brandon’s life and high spirited personality…

In his short time here, Dr. Brandon Rogers impacted a lot of lives, by following his two passions in life. It’s incredibly sad to see the brotha have to leave this earth so soon, but he’s left a legacy that will inspire many other young people to find and follow their passions, then allow the universe to work it’s magic from there. Rest on Dr. Rogers, job well done.

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