Ailing Joe Jackson’s Family Feuding Over How Much Money???

Posted On : August 4, 2015

Joe-Jackson-1When this story was first shared with us, we couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow to the notion that the Jackson family were feuding with each other…especially over money. So we proceeded with caution when developing this story. The Joe Jackson is the patriarch of the Jackson family, and we know that he wasn’t the “bread winner” in the family, but he is responsible for creating, (what we see as), the most influential family in music history.

So now that he is ailing, there have been reports surfacing over his health and now money…wow. The Jacksons have always been victims of rumors, public ridicule, and speculation…so this may just be another chapter in that book as these allegations are being reported. Read the details below about how much money is at stake in this alleged family feud.

[su_quote cite=”” url=””]The divided siblings of late King of Pop Michael Jackson, rushed to be by their dad’s side when they heard the heartbreaking news. Even Janet cancelled preparation for her Unbreakable World Tour to be by his side. But according to the well-connected source, not all of the Jackson children were there for the right reasons.

Joe-Jackson-3“There is a lot of concern right now amongst all of them because no one knows for certain what the terms of his will are, but there is a great amount of money and property that they all would like a part of,” says source. In addition to Joe’s money, which is estimated to be at a $500,000, the source adds that “god forbid he dies tomorrow, his kids all know that whatever he tells Katherine to do with their remaining fortune will be done. So they are trying to get in as good as possible with him while he is still alive.”

‘Sham Ibrahim, a longtime friend of the family who was commissioned by late King of Pop Michael Jackson to do portraits and has since painted almost every one of the Jackson clan, about the rumors.’

Although Ibrahim did not want to comment on the ongoing Jackson family feud, he did offer insight into Joe’s relationship with his children – which has had its share of ups and downs.

Joe-Jackson-2“Listen, nobody is perfect,” Ibrahim says. “Joe is set in his ways and even in his views on the world. Anything that he did was done out of love and because he wanted all his kids to be the best that they can.”

entire-jackson-family-joe-jackson“He may have been hard on them but it was because he loves them.”[/su_quote]

Hmmmm, not sure about this one as this online media outlet is reporting, but we think that there’s something that’s just not right about this one. What are your thoughts on this one?



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