Al B. Sure Has A Brand New Look That’s Making Many Give Him The Side Eye

Posted On : November 22, 2017

Back in the 80’s and 90s, remember how we couldn’t turn on a radio without hearing Al B. Sure blasting through the speakers?  Known for his hit records like “Right Now,” “Nite & Day,” and ballads like “Natalie,” our man, Al B., was always a fan favorite. But nowadays, since he’s not in the limelight, he’s rarely seen by the masses. So when he took to social media with a photo of his new look, fans were definitely caught off-guard and now many of ’em are giving him the brotha the side-eye. If you haven’t seen Al B. Sure in a while, dude looks quite different these days…

Still Grindin’ & Rockin’ A New Look:

Over the weekend, Al B. Sure took to Instagram with a photo of himself. He used the post as an opportunity to promote Pandora Internet Radio. He also offered information on how to book him for appearances. Apparently, the “Off On Your Own” crooner is still performing and touring, but now he’s also doing voiceover campaigns, public speaking, acting and hosting events. Anywho, check out Al B.’s new look below and let us know what you think:

Fan Reactions:

Of course, fans were glad to hear from the Sexy Versus singer and lots of adoring women are swooning over his new photo. But at the same time, lots of other folks have been left scratching their heads. Since Al B. Sure posts regularly, fans were taken aback to see his hair so long because according to some, it didn’t appear to be long at all when he posted just a few days prior. But clearly he was camouflaging his long hair, because only the top is long, but his sides and back of his head are faded low, so when he tucks the top underneath a cap, no one can tell he’s rockin’ shoulder length curls. Regardless of how long his hair is, most fans have agreed they prefer Al B. Sure with a fade, just like he had back in the day. “I like when you wear a fade with the waves cut short on the top and all you gotta do is brush the top and keep those waves tamed (lined up) @officialalbsure. But you still look good! That’s just my favorite look on you,” one fan said.

Talk to us ILOSM fam’…what do you think about Al B. Sure’s new look? Is it a HIT or MISS?

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