Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz’s 2YR OLD SON Breaks The Internet w/His Beatboxing!

Posted On : April 7, 2017

Listen up ILOSM fam: Alicia Keys’ and Swizz Beatz’s two year old son, Genesis, wants y’all to know one thing- Doug E. Fresh ain’t got NOTHING on him!
Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 8.30.21 PM
Lil’ man made that message crystal clear when he just about broke the internet recently with his beat boxing skills.

After Swizz took a break from his daily Daddy duties and beat making to showcase, on Instagram, his two year old son’s rhythmic timing and impressive creativity -by way of beat boxing- people everywhere were virtually high-fiving Genesis.

Check out the video below, which Swizz captioned:

@therealswizzz: In the middle of my #NoCommissionShanghai Genesis wanted me to hear his new beat 1234567😂😂😂😂

It may be too early to tell, but from where I’m standing, it looks like Genesis is ready to step into his Mother and Father’s business already. I guess we can look forward to that Genesis mixtape coming up in about 12 more years. I can see the announcement now: ‘Genesis: Bred 4 DIS! mixtape droppin’ April 7th, 2029! Be on the lookout!’ LOL.

And lets not sleep on Alicia’s and Swizz’s older son, Egypt. He is officially a 6 year old music producer! Get this…he co-produced a song for rapper, Kendrick Lamar, I kid you NOT. See what proud mommy, Alicia Keys ,told Jimmy Kimmel about this below….

And just so we know it’s real, Swizz also posted the below video clip of Egypt singing the first song he ever wrote, called “Superboy,” some months ago. The kid’s got funky fingers like his Moms too…check out his piano skills…

@therealswizzz: “Proud Dad Alert. Egy wrote his 1st song Super-boy. Wait for the fancy fingers at the end. Kids you gotta love em #Dedication #hardwork EGY-Keys-Beatz.”

It’s a beautiful thing to see those kids so inspired by their parents. It’s also another example of why music educational programs should remain in schools across the U.S….instead of being given the ax, like so many states are doing these days. Music heals. Music helps children evolve and create. Music can breed positive energy and innovative young people, who ultimately grow into positive, innovative, forward-thinking adults.

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