Ali’s 2nd WIFE Reveals Funeral Looked Pleasant But It Was NOT All Good!

Posted On : June 11, 2016

Boom! Bombshell drops! After the beloved Muhammad Ali was laid to rest yesterday, his 2nd wife and mother of his four oldest kids (Maryum; twins, Jamilah and Rasheda; and Muhammad Ali Jr.), Khalilah Ali (formerly known as Belinda Boyd), opened a whole new can of worms with her reveal. In case you missed Ali’s televised funeral, Khalilah was seated on the front row next to Ali’s current wife, Lonnie, but Khalilah is known for speaking her mind though. So it was no surprise she did just that when she spoke out about Ali’s wives and she also discussed Ali’s other outside children. Check this out…


6-10 ali vintage Like we always say, celebs are human beings, just like the rest of us and just like us, they have flaws too. What can't be denied is that what Ali did for the world is nothing short of phenomenal- he was an incredible boxer; an unselfish humanitarian; and as he would say, he was 'prettier' than all his oponents. But Khalilah Ali's story also reminds us that he was human...a human who achieved greatness, but still a human. Rest on Ali.

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