Angie’s Daughter’s SHOCKING Reaction To Verdict On Mom Knocking Teeth Out

Posted On : April 5, 2016

angie stone daughter

The Dekalb County, Ga. grand jury’s verdict is finally in and it has gotten a pretty shocking reaction from Angie Stone’s daughter, Diamond, whom Angie violently assaulted last year. The final result is that Angie can now relax because the judge has just given her good news, BUT her daughter is NOT too thrilled about it.

Angie will NOT be convicted of the domestic aggravated assault charges that were brought against her after brawling with her then 30 year old daughter, Diamond, and knocking her two front teeth out!


Angie actually admitted to the cops that she hit Diamond smack dab in the face with a metal jewelry stand during their Tyson/Holyfield showdown at their Ga. home. So we're not quite sure why she won't receive any punishment for that, being that her beatdown was a tad bit more than giving your kid an old school butt whippin,' but somehow, some way the grand jury didn't think that Angie's actions deserved any punishment. BUT SEE WHAT HER DAUGHTER THINKS ABOUT THIS>>>


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