Another “Empire” Lawsuit, But This Time Shaft Is Involved…What The?

Posted On : August 24, 2015

empire5Another day, another lawsuit for the Empire creators. About two weeks ago it was Marvin Gaye’s son, Marvin Gaye III, and today (8-24-15) it’s another cat who claims that he too was jacked out of his idea and that his plan involved Richard Roundtree a.k.a. “Shaft.” Say what now?!!
richard roundtree shaft

This guy’s story sounds really suspect but read the details below and tell us if you think:


Via TMZ: Imagine “Empire” with Shaft in the lead role … that was the vision one guy had, but it never got made … and now he believes the creators of the show owe him $500 million for stealing his idea.

A guy named Jon Astor-White is suing EPs Danny Strong and Lee Daniels — as well as Imagine Entertainment and 21st Century Fox — claiming he shopped around a show called “King Solomon” back in 2007 … which bears a lot of similarities to “Empire.”

Astor-White claims his show would have starred Richard Roundtree (Shaft said no thanks) and was about a record executive and his family and their battle over control of the company.

Astor-White said he faxed the treatment around, and included a proposed cast list which was aspirational, to say the least. In addition to Roundtree, Astor-White wanted Diahann Carroll, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, John Goodman, George Hamilton and Angie Dickinson.

Astor-White describes his show as “the style and elegance of ‘Dynasty’ meets ‘The Sopranos’ with a sprinkling of ‘The Godfather.'” That’s a similar comparison Marvin Gaye III made in his claim.

The show has also been sued by a guy with Jackson family connections and by a woman who claims she is the real Cookie.

Astor-White is seeking the half a billion dollars … plus additional damages.


empire terence and taraji picMy goodness, he could have been a tad bit more creative with his description, because giving just about the same description as Marvin Gaye III gave two weeks ain’t gon’ cut it.

I wish him luck getting that that half of billion dollars though…LOL.


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