Cosby’s Female Attorney FINALLY Speaks Out & Gives Their Side!

Posted On : August 25, 2015

8-25 FB bill cosby attorneyBill Cosby’s attorney, Monique Pressley, has finally begun to speak out and let the world know her stance, suspicions, and doubts regarding the dozens of sexual allegations accusers of Bill Cosby have suddenly come out with over the past several months. [WATCH Atty. PRESSLEY’S VIDEO ON PAGE 2].

Pressley’s points are raising some reasonable doubt among many people and frankly put, it’s about time somebody from Cosby’s camp said something, other than what’s just politically correct. If Cosby’s not guilty as he claims, then he, or somebody connected to his case, needed to start speaking up to try to prove their side. Now the fight is on, and it looks like the accusers are going to have to be on their A game if they want to prove that they’re telling the truth as well.
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Here are a few points of what Attorney Pressley said in her interview with Huffington Post’s Marc Lamont Hill You can watch video of her full, brief interview below.


Marc Lamont Hill: “According to FBI statistics, given the fact that less than 2% of rape victims offer false claims, and also given the fact that a small fraction of actual rape victims come forward, the odds, statistically of all these women lying, are relatively low. Someone argued infinitesimal.”
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Attorney Monique Pressley: “I really love that you brought up that statistic and you brought up the study, because the variables that you would need in order for that study to apply to this case would be that you’d have to factor in a very wealthy person who’s alleged as the perpetrator of the crime. And you would have to factor in things like prior relationship, and those are not a part of any of the current studies. You have to start asking things like, how many people of influence and means have been the victims of extortion attempts? How many women, and men, have been willing to…


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