Aretha Franklin Has Fans Freaking Out After Cancer Reports Lead To Death Hoax

Posted On : November 21, 2017

With the saddening news about the deaths of Earle Hyman and Della Reese, many fans have been on edge hoping 2017 doesn’t claim yet another legend. Now, there are reports suggesting Aretha Franklin’s health is failing and fans are going nuts.

Dying Of Cancer?:

According to Page Six, rumors are circulating about Aretha Franklin suffering from complications of pancreatic cancer. It has been reported that the origin of the false story stems from a report published by Fameolous Daily. The publication claims Aretha “is not doing good and may pass soon.” Since this isn’t the first time Aretha has been rumored to be battling pancreatic cancer, concerned fans immediately took to social media to share their reaction to the reports. Since 2017 has claimed Della Reese and Earle Hyman, fans just aren’t ready for another major blow.

Check out some of the tweets:

Alive And Well:

Despite all of the disturbing reports circulating on social media, entertainment reporter Shaun Robinson has confirmed that Aretha Franklin is fine. On Tuesday morning, Robinson tweeted that he’d just spoken with the 75-year-old singer’s family friends and he’s able to confirm the reports aren’t true.

“Good Morning, Everyone. I just spoke to one of Ms. Franklin’s family friends in my hometown of Detroit,” entertainment reporter Shaun Robinson tweeted Tuesday morning. “They spoke to Aretha moments ago and asked me to tell you please don’t believe this news that was trending. Have a good day.” He continued, “I don’t know where ‘pancreatic cancer’ came from. I was sitting there reading the newspaper and it was saying someone in my family said that. No one in my family ever said that to anybody.”

Although fans are relieved Aretha is fine, they aren’t pleased with the death hoax.

At this point, all that matters is that Aretha is doing just fine.

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