Aww, Mariah & Nick Do It BIG For Their Twins’ STAR-STUDDED Halloween Bash

Posted On : October 23, 2016

Who’s bitter after their divorce?!! Not Mariah Carey and her ex-husband, Nick Cannon, that’s for sure! They put their divorce blues to the side for the sake of their twins, Morrocan and Monroe.
In case you didn’t know, Mariah and Nick have made Halloween a big deal ever since their babies were born. Halloween is one of Mariah’s favorite holidays, so every year they’ve been throwing big time Halloween bashed at multimillion dollar estates to show their kids and their celeb’ friends a good time. Word on the Old School curb is that there’s is something there for everyone- candy for the kids and wine and champagne for the adults…


This year, celebs in attendance included Tameka “Tiny” Harris; Floyd Mayweather, Master P.; Tamar Braxton, her husband/manager, Vince Herbert, and their adorable son; and several more.

Morrocan and his Dad dressed as Super Mario Bros. and cheesed it up for the cameras with his Mommy, while his sister, Monroe, dressed as Rapunzel and got her dance on with her Pops…it was TOO cute! And Nick even filled in as the DJ for the event.  Check out the video below…

As for Mariah’s fiance’, James Packer, he was M.I.A. from this year’s Halloween party, just like he was at Mariah’s and Nick’s last year Halloween party. Maybe Halloween ain’t really his thing….either that, or maybe Nick is like “Hell to the NO” when it comes to partying alongside his newly ex-wife and her new billionaire boo-thang. Ya’ never know.
Anyways, based on the video and pics of the party it looks like James or no James, the kids had a blast and that’s what it’s all about. Major props to Nick and Mariah for handling their co-parenting situation like grown folks! SEE MORE PICS…



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