Aww, T-Pain Sends The Realest, Rawest Anniversary Message To His Wife Of 14 Years

Posted On : September 15, 2017

Over the past 14 years, a lot has changed in T-Pain’s life. He went from being a local Tallahassee, Florida church musician to a platinum-selling R&B artist with fans all over the world. But since the beginning, there’s one woman who has been by his side: his wife, Amber Najm. After 14 years, she’s still by his side. On September 13, 2017, T-Pain and Amber celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary. The “Buy U A Drank” singer took to Instagram with a lengthy post about his wife and it’s enough to make anyone believe in love.

T-Pain’s Anniversary Message To His Wife:

‘Teddy’ Pin admitted that life wasn’t always as it is now. There were times when they were down to their last dollar, but Amber stuck by him as he worked to chase his musical dreams. It’s probably safe to say T-Pain’s hard work and Amber’s dedication and loyalty have paid off though. “You know it’s real when we say “I love you so much I wanna get the government involved, we did that 14 years ago and I still believe that was the best decision,” T-Pain said. “We’ve made together and even with all the hate from ppl saying that we weren’t gonna last because we had only known each other for barely a year and also this was waaaaaaay before the deal so I was broke as s**t and thought my career would never take off, but we still here and kickin, more in love than ever.”

T-Pain continued with a message to women who listen to what other people say about their man. He wants women to know if they believe in their man, don’t listen to negativity from others.

“Ladies I’ve said it before. Keep them bitter thots out of your ear. If you feel the love in your heart don’t question it. F**kin LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU! Be yourSELF, not your STATUS.”

He continued with a message to his wife:

@ambr1122 I love you babes. I’m gonna always make sure you’re good even if I’m not and I promised we will never downgrade (unless you want to) you’ve given me 3 beautiful children and a reason to keep going. Also thanx for all the sex HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABE!!Y’all be good.”

Here’s T-Pain’s anniversary post:

A Marriage of Love and Understanding:

To most fans, T-Pain and Amber’s marriage is a prime example of #RelationshipGoals. T-Pain and Amber have managed to achieve much more than just success in the music industry. Unlike many celebrity relationships that falter due to the rapid life changes as a result of fame and fortune, T-Pain and Amber have stayed together through it all. In fact, the couple even admitted they’d done a few things to spice up their sex life. T-Pain has even revealed he and his wife have had threesomes with other women; women that his wife actually picked. So, in a nutshell, it doesn’t look like T-Pain has a reason to step outside of his marriage because, apparently, his wife covers all of the bases. T-Pain and Amber tied the knot back in 2003 and they now have three children together. Congrats to T-Pain and Amber on their unconditional, non-traditional, everlasting love. There is not on ‘marriage model’ that works for every couple, but they’ve clearly found the one that work for them and that’s what it’s all about.

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