Where Has “Do Me Baby” Singer, Meli’sa Morgan Been All Of These Years?

Posted On : November 25, 2014

Melisa Morgan

Remember when Meli’sa Morgan had everybody singing “Do me baby, like you’ve never done before….give it to me ’til I just can’t take no more”? Alright admit it, you were just singing those words in your head as you were reading them, weren’t you? LOL. It’s hard not to because our girl Mel’isa was heating up the airwaves with that Prince cover song back in the 80’s. Then it seemed like she disappeared after a few more releases.

Turns out that she did take a break for a minute, but in recent years she’s been back on the scene doing what she does best- SANGIN’ like nobody’s business and performing constantly. Here’s a recent pic of Meli’sa. She’s still looking good.

Meli'sa Morgan @MelisaMorgan22
Meli’sa Morgan @MelisaMorgan22

And one things for sure, Meli’sa definitely has kept her singing chops in tact. Check out one of her recent performances below.

I remember when Meli’sa first released her “Do Me Baby” hit in ’86…I actually thought it was too soon to cover Prince’s track because he’d just given that to us five years earlier on his ‘Controversy’ album. So I thought it wouldn’t be a hit. Boy was I was wrong on that one, because Ms. Meli’sa covered that track like it was going out of style! It was a number one R&B hit for her and it was a bigger hit than Prince’s, which was just played as, what we called at that time, an album cut – meaning it was never released as a single. And a few more would come throughout the 80s and into the early 90s. In 1987, she dropped her sophomore album GOOD LOVE spawning the hits If You Can Do It, I Can Do It Too and Love Changes – duet with Kashif. Meli’sa hit with five albums, DO ME BABY, GOOD LOVE, THE LADY IN ME, STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU & I REMEMBER. Her big singles also included 1986’s “Fool’s Paradise”, 1987s “Here Comes The Night” & “Good Love”. Her last top-ten hit was “Still In Love With You” – peaking at #9 in 1990. A verse from her “Fool’s Paradise” was re-sung, with modified lyrics, by Mary J. Blige as the chorus to the 1996 Jay-Z single “Can’t Knock the Hustle.”

Meli'sa Morgan
Meli’sa Morgan

After a lengthy hiatus, Morgan released her fifth solo album, I REMEMBER. The first single, “Back Together Again,” a song originally recorded by Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway, received moderate airplay on urban contemporary radio stations during early 2006 and peaked at number 46 on Billboard’s R&B chart.

Meli'sa Morgan at the 2014 Soul Train Music Awards
Meli’sa Morgan at the 2014 Soul Train Music Awards

Morgan is still burning up stages on various tours in multi-artist shows, particularly on the East Coast of the US. In 2013, she teamed with saxman Najee on the hit song “In the Mood to Take It Slow” and new material by Meli’sa can be heard on a German release by Cool Million, which features Meli’sa
Morgan on lead vocals on the opening track Sweet Baby.

It’s a shame that we don’t hear more voices on the radio like Meli’sa today. Today’s music game is really sleeping on some astronomical talent! Let’s keep keeping the Old School alive!

Meli'sa Morgan and jazz saxophonist, Najee
Meli’sa Morgan and jazz saxophonist, Najee

You should also check out the new single Meli’sa Morgan and Cheryl Pepsii Riley (Thanks For My Child singer) teamed up to do on Full Force’s new 2014 album titled, Full: With Love From Our Friends. Hit that next button to watch the video.

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