Bad News For Jennifer Hudson, Hubby Wins Big (For Now) In Custody Battle Over Their Son

Posted On : November 28, 2017

A couple weeks ago, Jennifer Hudson made headlines after she filed a protective order against her estranged ex-fiancee, David Otunga. The Dreamgirls star claimed her ex was abusive and that she feared for their safety. But despite her claims, a judge has reportedly awarded her WWE pro wrestler hubby temporary primary custody of their 8 year old son. Since the couple has never made headlines for any form of domestic violence, fans initially gave Jennifer Hudson the side eye. Although the latest court ruling is a temporary agreement, it has raised questions. But apparently, there’s a reason why Otunga was apparently awarded custody.

There Since Day One:

According to TMZ, David Otunga has actually been David Jr.’s primary caregiver since day one. Since Jennifer Hudson has traveled for work purposes for the vast majority of her son’s life, his father has often been the one to hold down the home front while she’s away. It has been reported that both Jennifer and David have now both acknowledged his presence in his son’s life, so things will remain the same until they reach a formal legal agreement.


As of lately, Jennifer Hudson has spent a lot of time away from their primary residence in Chicago, IL, due to her obligations as a judge on NBC’s The Voice UK. She has also served as a vocal coach for some of the contestants on the U.K. version of the hit show. Because of the show, she’s been traveling between Chicago, Los Angeles, and London. With her hectic travel schedule, David Otunga argues that it may be a bit much for his son and obviously Jennifer agrees – for now.

David Jr.’s Reaction To The Madness?

News outlets have also shed light on David Jr.’s alleged reaction to all the drama. Since the drama unfolded right before the holiday season, David Jr. had a relatively different Thanksgiving holiday because his parents were not together. According to Radar Online, a family insider has revealed the child was upset about not being with his Pops and “begged to stay” with him. “David and his son were so upset that he had to go back to his mother and David Jr. did not want to go,” the family source told Radar. “He begged to stay with his daddy.”

Right now, it’s unclear how things will turn out for Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga, but hopefully they can work together for the sake of their son.

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