Be Honest…Was Berry Gordy Wrong For Doing This To His Artists?

Posted On : October 9, 2014
berry gordy blog pic2
People like, Jerry Heller, the co-founder of the one of the biggest 80’s rap labels, Ruthless Records, says he always respected Berry Gordy’s “genius” business practices and Berry’s high-end level of play with his Motown empire. He said Motown records always had fleets of nice cars parked outside and was a very professional music business establishment, but what he most admired was that Berry didn’t mind playing the game dirty, which to Jerry Heller, was a pure stroke of “genius” that he, himself patterned some of his business model after.
Now before we go further, let’s say this- we all know that with all large, successful business establishments, there is always some bad stories mixed in with the glory. So here they are…
Motown has a history of being sued over money by some of their artists such as

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