Beautiful! “Penny” & Willona” Just Reunited On Janet’s Tour, Must See!

Posted On : October 9, 2017

Janet Jackson may be a member of the well-known Jackson family, but that isn’t the only iconic family she’s associated with. Since she captivated fans with her role of ‘Penny’ on Good Times, she’s also been apart of that legendary TV fam.’ From season 5, until the show’s series finale, we watched cute little Janet star opposite Janet Dubois as ‘Willona’s’ daughter, ‘Penny.’ Since the show was canceled back in 1976, there have been many cast reunions, but not one quite like this. Forty years later, the ladies have reunited and are still as beautiful as they were when the Good Times cameras were rolling.

Janet Jackson as ‘Penny’ and Janet Dubois as her adopted mother, ‘Willona’ on “Good Times”

Together Again:

On Sunday, October 8, Janet and her Good Times mom, Janet Dubois, reunited at her ‘State of the World’ concert after party at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, CA. Based on the photos that are circulating, it’s obvious ‘Willona’ and ‘Penny’ were happy to see each other. Janet Dubois, is lookin’ good at 73, and Janet Jackson, 51 year old post baby snap-back is on point. Both ladies were all smiles for the camera as they chatted at the party. Check out some of the beautiful pictures:


Onstage Reunions:

It appears the big night was definitely a night of reunions, because the legendary Janet “Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty” Jackson also reunited with most of her “Rhythm Nation” backup dancers for the first time in YEARS. Since Janet has always had a love for performance and incredible, show-stopping concerts, it comes as no surprise that she’d still have an amazing relationship and chemistry with her “Rhythm Nation” era dancers. According to USA Today, a number of Janet’s dancers are now celebrities themselves. Step Up actress and wife of Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, along with iconic choreographer, Billy Eichner, were among the famous dancers who reunited with Janet onstage.

Jenna Dewan also took to Instagram with a loving post about Janet. “Last night was such an incredible moment. Janet asked her “kids” to come back and perform rhythm nation at the Hollywood Bowl. I dreamt of dancing with her since I was a kid and literally pinched myself every night of the All for You tour. And here I am pinching myself again last night. She created a legacy for her dancers and she personally began my career! It all begins with Jan. Thank you for this my love!!!”

Actress, Rosario Dawson, also was also hyped after seeing Janet at the Hollywood Bowl concert, sharing lyrics to one of Janet’s hit songs. “Things are getting worse. We have to make them better. It’s time to give a damn. Let’s work together come on, yeah.”

It's Time To Give A Damn Let's Work Together! #ComeForthWithMe #RhythmNation #JanetJackson #MissJacksonIfYoureNasty!

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It looks like Janet Jackson is off to a great start with the State of the World tour. For months, she worked relentlessly to prepare for the tour. During a recent interview, Jackson’s trainer, Paulette Sybliss, shared details about her efforts to prepare to hit the road. “I remember her saying to me at one point, ‘This feels like my dance routine, because it’s intense, with quick rest, back to it, quick rest.’ And that’s how I structured my sessions, that’s what I wanted,” Sybliss said during the interview with PEOPLE. We all know Janet goes hard for the fans and with the way the tour is going, it’s obvious hard work pays off!

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