(VIDEO) Beyonce’ Gets Emotional While Visiting Hurricane Harvey Victims w/Her Mom

Posted On : September 8, 2017
Beyonce and mother, Tina Knowles speaking to hurricane Harvey victims at St. John’s church in Houston

Beyonce’ and her mother, Tina Knowles, as well as her daughter, Blue Ivy, and group member, Michelle Williams, visited her fellow Houstonians who were affected by Hurricane Harvey on Friday (9-8-17). They made their visit to Houston’s St. John’s church (Beyonce’s church home) and attended a praise and worship service there to help uplift the hurricane victims.

Beyonce’ tearing up as she embraced a Harvey survivor

As Bey’ and her mother took to the stage to speak to the crowd, Beyonce’s voice began to tremble as she said these words to help those in need:

“I just wanna say that I’m home. This church is my home. I was maybe 9 or 10 years old the first time I sat there where my daughter is sitting. I sang my first solo here and I just wanna thank you for lifting my family up, for praying for me, and for being such an incredible example of what light and love is. This today is a celebration of survival. Ya’ll are my family. Houston is my home. I thank God that you’re safe, your children are safe. I think that really matters is your health and your children and your family. I just wanna say I love you. And I’m so thankful to God that I’ve been blessed so that I can bless other people and I ask of God to continue to do that for other people. And I ask you guys to continue to do that for people.”

Beyonce, Michellle Williams, Blue Ivy, Tina Knowles, Bey’s bodyguard and other loved ones listening to the church choir & band perform for Harvey survivors


Mama Tina then gave a few brief words of upliftment as well. You can watch the video below of their words of encouragement below…


You can also see a longer clip of the service here (Beyonce’ and crew enter around the 5 minute mark)…

Beyoncé back n Htown85!

Posted by Craig MZeno on Friday, September 8, 2017


Beyonce’ with some of the church’s band members

We are so proud of Beyonce’ and what she has done for her city. As we previously reported, Bey’ has donated a significant amount of money to Harvey victims through her church and through her foundation. Her father, Matthew Knowles, has also been working diligently to do all that he can to help the victims of hurricane Harvey. He was in Houston during the hurricane and he’s especially helped the students who were stranded at Texas Southern University (TSU), where he has been a college professor for the past nine years. Beyonce’ also donated a large sum of money to TSU as well.

Matthew Knowles and daughter, Beyonce’

The Knowles family seem to have wonderful hearts and that is needed more than ever for their fellow Houstonians and those affected in the surrounding areas at this time. Our continued prayers and positive energy go out to Hurricane Harvey victims.

How We Can All Help

If you would like to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, there are various ways you can do so:
1. Visit a nonprofit watchdog website, such as Charity Navigator, to help guide you toward a nonprofit that will actually give your money directly to the people.

2. You can also find a person, or family, affected by the storm via social media and directly donate to them.

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