Billy Dee Williams Revealed A Major Body Image Insecurity He Had

Posted On : August 20, 2015

billy dee now2 [quote_box_center]

be splitting down the back,” said Mrs. Williams.

Williams, who started acting at the age of 7, noted that his role in the 1972 movie “Lady Sings The Blues” established him as this romantic matinee idol,” an image he kept up on the television show, “Dynasty.” [/quote_box_center] Ocala Star Banner; Parade MagazineBilly Dee Williams Billy Dee credited his mother with helping him get through those tough battles as a child. He also admitted his dislike for only being seen as a sex symbol at one point in his career. He once admitted this: [quote_box_center]

“I don’t want to be known as this guy who everybody thinks is handsome and women are crazy about. That’s not enough.”

[/quote_box_center] Jet Magazine Like we said in the beginning, Billy Dee Williams’ name will forever be synonymous with “sex symbol,” even after he’s long gone from this earth. That’s a problem a whole lot of folks wish they had…LOL. Although it’s very understandable and respectable that the man wants the world to also admire his craft because after all, he is a true, versatile artist. When you can go from being “Mr. You want my hand to fall off” in Lady Sings The Blues… billy dee lady singsbilly dee and dianaTo being “Lando Calrissian” on Star Wars, you have to have skills- although he still never quite demolished that whole sex symbol thing. billy dee star warsbilly dee in star wars Could it be that this is what Denzel Washington has intentionally been doing lately? Trying to divert attention away from his looks so that folks will solely focus on his talent?

Denzel a year ago.
Denzel in 2012

The new mustache (shown below) that Denzel’s been rockin’ has taken on a life of its own nowadays, because the internet has been going berserk with the Denzel memes. Either he’s channeling his inner “George Jefferson,” or he’s filming a movie right now- either way, he’s succeeding at diverting that sex symbol attention. We, Old Schoolers, still got love for you though Denzel!

Denzel now (2015); "George Jefferson"
Denzel now (2015); “George Jefferson”

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