Black Folk Are OUTRAGED Over MJ’s Son Statement On Black Lives Matter

Posted On : July 8, 2016

Alton Sterling’s death has sparked controversy all across the nation. As expected, the racial tension has resurfaced and people are showing their true colors. Now, Michael Jackson’s son is at the center of controversy following a series of tweets he posted about the recent officer-involved shootings.

Does He Really Understand The Lives Of Black People?

Prince-MJ-jr-FEATURED-IMAGE Apparently, he doesn't understand the meaning behind the Black Lives Matter movement. The issue that we see is that you have to understand the lives of black people, before you can make an intelligent statement about it. We understand that the woman that Prince is nurtured by is his grandmother, a black woman, and the man that nurtured and protected him, Micheal Jackson was also black. Most of his family structure is made up of African American people, BUT he lives in society as a white male. So when he walks thru life, he is treated as such, not to mention his celebrity status can add an "all-knowing" attitude. So it's simple to see his love of all people may in fact be true, but to understand the lives of black people historically and in the present is important to make statements on the essence of Black Lives Matter.

Here's his Twitter rant...
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As many ILOSM fans know, Michael Jackson’s children have lived relatively sheltered lives in order to have some form of privacy away from their father’s celebrity status. So, Prince may have been totally unaware that his comments would offend black people. It’s probably safe to say he knows now.

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