Black Love! Chrisette Michele Reveals Getting Engaged After 7 Days (Sort of)

Posted On : December 15, 2016


Friend of I Love Old School Music, Chrisette Michele is truly an old soul; she is one of the last true artists who is actually keeping REAL soulful R&B alive in today’s wack climate of dumbed down lyrics sung by a bunch of non singers. She seems like many of us, a hopeless romantic! And whether she asked for it or not, her story of love with with her music manager and soon-to-be husband, Doug “Biggs” Ellison, is incredible!


Chrisette and Doug sat down with BET for their Black Love Series and revealed their true love and passion for each other.

Engaged After Only 7 Days? Well Sort Of!

2007, Chrisette Michelle with her music manager and fiance’ Doug “Biggs” Ellison

Chrisette and Doug have actually known each other for many, many years. But as they spoke about on the Black Love Series, things fell apart when millions of dollars were being generated, and folks started sticking their noses in their personal and business relationship. Then they were forced to sue each other and stop speaking with each other.

Manager/producer Douglas “Biggs” Ellison and his label, Four Kings Production, were sued by Chrisette’s people alleging that the company had embezzled money from her Def Jam contract.

Although Chrisette dropped the charges, that didn’t stop Ellison from filing a counter-suit in 2008 against Chrisette, Island Def Jam, A&R Shalik Berry and Chrisette’s parents Lynette and Lemuel Payne (her mother was her manager at the time) for an outstanding $20 million. Ellison claims that Chrisette’s original lawsuit damaged his reputation and that he was also owed money for having completed a few songs on Chrisette’s album. And although that lawsuit was still moving forward as recently as 2011, it appears the two were able to work it out.’


After 7 Years Without Speaking, Million Dollar Lawsuits…This Happened

They ended up rebuilding their business relationship and their trust in one another again in what seemed like an instant after Chrisette randomly called Doug for advice:

“Something was missing, [so] I called Doug, and after speaking to him for only a couple of hours, we were inseparable again. It’s the craziest, weirdest thing because we had gone through all that together.”

Here’s the weirdest and most romantic part of it all. Just a few days, 7 days, after they reconnected on the phone for the first time in years, Doug proposed to her and she said yes.

Check out the video to see how it all went down!

We hope Chrisette and Doug can make it last forever like Keith Sweat, because if they can, folks are going to always view them as one of the ‘best couples ever’ and if they can’t get their Keith Sweat on, they’ll be viewed as the ‘craziest couple ever’ for jumping back into a situation WAY too fast. We wish them luck.

Oh and by the way, if you’re not familiar with Chrisette Michele’s music, don’t sleep on her, that woman’s voice is BAD! 

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