Blackstreet’s Chauncey Once Arrested For Wild Crimes That Teddy Riley Claimed He Used Him For

Posted On : August 2, 2017

ILOSM fam’ remember when Blackstreet had us vibing to 90’s classics like No Diggity, Don’t Leave, and Before I Let You Go? Much of Blackstreet’s success was due to the creativity of Teddy Riley and the mind-blowing lyrics delivered by lead singer, Chauncey “Black” Hannibal. So successful was Blackstreet, that they won a Grammy in 1997.

Unfortunately, the group soon split up and Chauncey encountered financial problems, declaring bankruptcy several times. Hannibal later suffered a few more setbacks after success.

How His Problems Started:

In the 90’s, when Hannibal was apart of Blackstreet with Teddy Riley, he and his former wife, Aisha, lived in the high end neighborhood in Hampton Roads, Virginia. There, they operated their own studio, 2-Face Productions, out of Virginia Beach. At that time, Blackstreet was unified and making hits, but their brotherhood wouldn’t last long. They released their last album in 2003 and after several failed attempts to keep Blackstreet together, all members eventually departed and ventured into solo careers. Not only did Blackstreet depart, but Chauncey’s marriage to Aisha dissolved as well. So it was a pretty rough time on several levels for him.

In 2006, rapper, Busta Rhymes, signed his first R&B artist, Chauncey ‘Black’ Hannibal, to his Flipmode Squad label. However, his Flipmode album, Church Boy, was not successful and Hannibal found himself financially struggling.

Grand Larceny Charges

In January 2007, police officers were looking for Hannibal because he was accused of ‘grand larceny and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was accused of looting a house overlooking the Chesapeake Bay after he was evicted in July 2006. The house went into foreclosure and was essentially sold in December of  2006. According to the Singersroom, Hannibal allegedly refused to move out, and when he did, he reportedly took everything including the kitchen sink, literally. Police officers alleged that Hannibal took approximately $58,000 worth of counters, sinks, fixtures and other objects from the home. Grand larceny wasn’t the only charges that Hannibal faced.

Taxes, Desertion & Child Support Charges

Virginia Beach police spokesman, Adam Bernstein, shared that Hannibal owed $58,000 in back taxes and approximately $47,000 in child support. Chauncey faced charges of ‘desertion or non-support of a spouse or children, and failure to appear in court on a misdemeanor charge.’ For a while Hannibal was able to evade the police. However, when he was pulled over on a traffic stop in Los Angeles, the police officers discovered he had warrants, then he was arrested and extradited from California to Hampton Roads and was held in a Virginia jail. So, how did Hannibal get the money to pay his debts? He robbed Teddy Riley. Well, not literally…

Riley Sued Chauncey For Doing Him Dirty To Settle His Problems?

According to Rolling Out, Teddy Riley sued Hannibal, accusing him of ‘deceptively stealing the trademark to the brand name, “Blackstreet” -which Riley reportedly created in 1992- to be able to keep all the profits, without paying Riley.’ Chauncey was previously hired Teddy to ‘assist with administrative duties.’ However, Riley said Chauncey never informed him that the trademark was expiring.

Riley claims Hannibal then renewed ‘the trademark in his name only, excluding Riley’s name from the documents.’ Hannibal allegedly agreed to add Riley back to the registration if he gave him $90,000. Agreeing to his terms, Riley gave Hannibal the money, but says Hannibal didn’t add his name back to the trademark registration. RO also reports that Riley ‘accused Hannibal of using the band’s profits to pay child support and pay off tax debt without telling him.’ Riley claims that Chauncey is blocking his concert deals by not adding him to the trademark.

Ex Member, Dave Hollister, Blasts Chauncey

It appears to be true, because Teddy Riley was not allowed to have Blackstreet perform on the 2016 Soul Train Awards. Also, when former Blackstreet member, Dave Hollister, recorded his recent episode of Unsung, it was reported that Chauncey did not allow the Blackstreet songs to be used for the show. Dave also blasted Chauncey over the 2016 Soul Train Awards. In his Twitter messages below, the “hater” Dave’s referring to is reportedly Chauncey…

Chauncey Blasts Dave Hollister & Teddy Riley

Current Status Of Chauncey & Blackstreet

These days, Chauncey’s in the clear with his taxes and prior grand larceny/child support/desertion charges. He now refers to his Blackstreet as the “real Blackstreet.”

Since Chauncey now solely owns the trademark- no matter how foul he reportedly went about it…legally– he and some prior members are touring with the ‘I Love The 90’s Tour’…

We truly dig Blackstreet and never want to see any of them hurting financially, but we just wish ALL of the members can come to a fair, common ground, to give we, the fans, the FULL Blackstreet experience.

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