Bob Marley’s Son’s New Business Will Make Millions But Will Spark Major Backlash

Posted On : June 16, 2017

Damian Robert Nesta “Jr. Gong” Marley, 38, is a Jamaican reggae artist and he’s the youngest son of the late reggae icon, Bob Marley. Damian’s the only child born to his Pops and Cindy Breakspeare, who was Miss World 1976. Sadly though, he was only 2 years old when his father died.

Despite his famous last name, ‘Jr. Gong’ has made a musical name for himself in his own right. Just like he inherited his Pop’s musical genes, he also inherited his father’s love of smoking marijuana- or “reefer” like the old schoolers used to say back in the day. Anywho, that brings us to our next point…

We all know that Bob Marley was all about his love of ‘ganja,’ but he didn’t just smoke weed to relax, smoking weed was apart of his religion. After leaving his Christianity upbringing behind in the 1960’s, Bob converted to the Rastafarian religion. Rastas often refer to weed as “The Holy Herb” and consider it to be sacred, smoking it not just for the high, but to gain a better understanding of their religion and the universe. In addition, Bob Marley also believed that marijuana had the power to heal.

A Prison Into A Pot Profit

Like his father, Damian Marley is a follower of Rastafarian and he, too, believes in the power of “the Holy herb.” So much so, that he’s making a business of it, in a major way…

In a place that once locked people up for possessing, selling, and growing marijuana, Damian is now planning to take the Claremont Custody Center, a prison in Coalinga, CA and convert the former 77,000 square foot prison into a cannabis grow space. In conjunction with Ocean Grown Extracts, Marley spoke with Billboard magazine and shared his plans of using the space to grow medical marijuana for state dispensaries.

“Many people sacrificed so much for the herb over the years who got locked up, says Marley. If this [venture] helps people and it’s used for medicinal purposes and inspires people, it’s a success,” explained Damian Marley.

The Jobs & Business Damian’s Prison Pot Biz’ Brings To The Community

Some people view Damian’s new business venture as controversial, but despite the chatter about what he’s doing, no one can deny how it will help the community. You see, the city of Coalinga has already benefited from Marley and his partners purchasing the prison. The prison to pot farm will generate jobs for the community as well as eliminate a 3.3 million debt as the cost of the center was 4.1 million. Marley is so excited about his new venture that he recorded a song with his older brother, Stephen Marley, called Medication. The video begins with the voices of people praising marijuana for medical purposes acknowledging the power of the cannabis. As the video continues, both Jr. Gong and Stephen are seen turning a prison into an actual weed farm. They also stroll through rows of herb plants, light up in the prison yard, all while people in lab coats look over the plants. While watching the video, you might believe that the story of the Marley brothers using a prison as a marijuana farm is fictional, but it’s actually true.

See Damian & Stephen Marley’s “Medication” Video Below:

Part Owner Of A Weed Magazine & Owner Of A New Weed Brand

Damian Marley has taken his love for cannabis to another level as he has a vested interest in the most famous marijuana publication, High Times.

According to TMZ, Marley is one of 20 investors that is apart of an investment group that bought a controlling interest in the magazine, High Times. The magazine has been around for a number of years and the publication specializes in showing people the best ways to grow, roll, and consume the finest blends of marijuana. Not only has the High Times magazine educated everyday folk but the magazine has even been helpful for rastas like Damian. Marley shared with TMZ that reading HT taught him how to differentiate between male and female cannabis plants. Good thing — he’s also producing his own line of weed as co-founder of Stony Hill.

Damian adds, “High Times had me daydreaming of so many beautiful strains that at the time I had not yet had the chance to experience.”

That’s what’s up Damian, continue your Pop’s legacy.

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