Bobby Brown & Ricky Bell Blast The Hell Out Of R. Kelly At Recent Concert

Posted On : April 17, 2017


Bobby Brown and Ricky Bell are no strangers to the stage. By now, everyone knows the men of New Edition are definitely crowd pleasers and fans are extremely important to them. So, when R. Kelly showed up late to a recent concert, the guys had something to say. However, they didn’t just voice their opinions. They actually filmed a video of their complaints. Now, of course, the video is going viral and fans have also responded.

Waiting For R.:

A couple days ago, the video began circulating on YouTube. The two-minute video begins with Bobby and Ricky talking about the concert as they waited for the “Seems Like You’re Ready” singer to show up. It’s unclear where the concert was supposed to be and how long the guys waited but one thing is for sure: R. Kelly wasn’t there. As Bobby and Ricky complained, they turned the camera around to show the massive crowd of fans patiently waiting for him to arrive.

Check out the video below:

Bobby’s Advice:

Bobby blasted R. Kelly for keeping fans waiting. Then, Ricky compared the R&B singer to New Edition. Although they admitted they, too, have kept fans waiting from time to time, they explained how they always make it worth the wait. Then, the video randomly flips to a scene where R. Kelly could be seen singing, “You Are So Beautiful” to a McDonald’s McRib sandwich. Although the clip had a comical ending, most fans didn’t miss Bobby’s criticism of the singer.

Now, R. Kelly fans are criticizing Bobby. Of course, everyone knows Bobby hasn’t always been the most responsible artists and he’s had a number of mishaps throughout his career. So, fans wasted no time reminding him of his own blunders.

With laughing emojis, one viewer wrote, “Bobby Brown – the man was always late talkin’.” Then, another viewer agreed, “I was just about to say something about that like how is Bobby Brown going to talk about ANYBODY being late or no showing?” Shortly after the comments were posted, many others cosigned by liking the comments.

Hopefully, these two haven’t started an R&B war criticizing R. Kelly. But at the end of the day, even the celebs can have an opinion of other celebs. These two didn’t hold their tongues.

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