Prayers Up For Bobby B? Reportedly Had NEAR DEATH MEDICAL EMERGENCY? Details

Posted On : January 5, 2017

ILOSM fam, we lost a lot of talented celebrities in 2016 and according to the latest reports, Bobby Brown was very close to being on that list, so we did some diggin’ to see what this was all about…


screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-10-09-38-am Red flags #'s 2, 3,4 and more: We also dug deep into the social media accounts of several of Bobby B.'s loved ones and found that not one of them posted any type of "Praying for Bobby Brown" posts around on nor after December 19th. Not saying that it's still not possible that Bobby B. was hospitalized and didn't want anyone to know, but for someone who lives his life as an open book, like Bobby does, these following posts (from December 19 and after) from Bobby B.'s kids and his New Edition brothers just raise more red flags that's all we're saying: BOBBY'S KIDS POSTED NO WELL WISHES screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-11-38-37-am Bobby Brown Jr. (pictured above, left, front) who is very close with his Pops, always posts on Instagram, but he's posted no 'Bobby Brown get well soon' type posts recently. Neither did Bobby's other son, Landon Brown (pictured above, left, middle), who doesn't post on IG regularly, but he does when certain tragedies strike, like when his beloved sister, Bobbi Kristina was in a coma and also when she sadly passed away. But for Bobby's supposed hospitalization, nothing but crickets on Landon's page. RONNIE DEVOE Ronnie is known for posting on Instagram EVERYday. But we did notice that on the dates Bobby was supposedly hospitalized from December 19 to about the 21st, Ronnie was M.I.A. from IG, but he still didn't post any type of well wishes about Bobby B.: Ronnie's Dec. 18th post...

#HappyHolidays to you from #BBD • Watch the full video at • #TisTheSeason #GODBless....... A video posted by Ronald Boyd DeVoe Jr (@bigrondevoe) on Dec. 22nd - Ronnie's daily inspirational post:
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