Bobby Brown’s Son Admits The One Thing He Deeply Regrets Doing To Whitney

Posted On : April 2, 2016
Bobby Brown and his son, Landon Brown
Bobby Brown and his son, Landon Brown

Bobby Brown’s son, Landon, revealed what he most regret doing to his beloved step-mother, Whitney Houston. Before we get into details about what Landon did, we must first explain their relationship- he ad Whitney were very close and Landon also said that Whitney always treated him as on of her own. With that said, the old school saying, ‘those you love the most can hurt you the most’ applies to the situation Landon revealed about a couple incidents between he and his step-mom.


In 2008, Landon did an interview with the National Enquirer and he wasn't aware that the publication was gonna twist his words and turn them into something negative. See what was said that truly hurt Whitney>>>

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