Bobby Womack Got Shot For Sleeping w/THIS SINGER’S Daughter AND Wife! See Who

Posted On : October 26, 2015

The late, great Bobby Womack was an amazing singer/musician, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a human being without flaws, just like the rest of us. He seemed to have lived a reality show of a life so to speak. It was filled with some really tumultuous and/or strange events. A life that was so rocky at times, that he should have created a movie about it. Fortunately, he did share his life story with the world, by writing a book about it, so that was good enough. See what he said about what he did to his very famous friend…


sam cooke2 The friend/mentor who Bobby Womack stabbed in the back is none other than the legendary Sam Cooke! Bobby confessed in his book, that just 3 months after his good friend, Sam, died - after having been shot to death by a hotel manager- Womack married Cooke's wife, Barbara (pictured below with Sam). Sam Cooke with his wife, Barbara Cooke As if that wasn't foul enough, Bobby also admitted to sleeping with Sam and Barbara's teenage daughter, but what he said happened next was like a scene fresh out of a drama movie...and a good one at that>>>

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