Bombshell! Pepa Exposed Her Involvement w/LeftEye Burning Down AndreRison’s Home

Posted On : April 25, 2017

left eye and pepa

We loved us some Left Eye, here at ILoveOldSchoolMusic. As we celebrate her legacy on the 15th anniversary – yes,  fifteenth…can’t believe it’s been that long- of her tragic death (from her April 25, 2002 fatal car accident in La Ceiba, Honduras), we’ll also reminisce about a few little known facts surrounding an incident that went on to shape her career- the infamous mansion fire she set to her boyfriend/ex-NFL player, Andre Rison’s, residence on June 9, 1994. *Scroll down to see what Pepa revealed*

Left Eye and her then boyfriend, Andre Rison (L); and TLC on Vibe magazine after mansion fire incident (R)
Left Eye and her then boyfriend, Andre Rison (L); and TLC on Vibe magazine after mansion fire incident (R)

As y’all know, she never shied away from discussing the fire: she and her TLC members- Chilli and T-Boz- even posed on a Vibe magazine cover dressed as sexy fire-women to make light of Left Eye’s arsenal moment. In fact, Left Eye, herself, actually publicly discussed the fire lightheartedly on camera, just days before her passing- further proving that she had long since been at peace with it. She and Andre remained together for a while afterwards as well, so he was clearly over it too…

But here’s where it just got even more surprising- this go ’round, rapper, Pepa (of Salt N’ Pepa), is revealing what most fans never knew- that she, too,  had a lil’ sumthin’sumthin’ to do with Left Eye starting that bathtub fire that turned Andre’s mansion into an inferno. Pepa told it all in her autobiography, Let’s Talk About Pep, a while back, but somehow it slipped right up under the noses of most of us. So we took the liberty of sharing an excerpt from her autobiography with y’all. Check it out on the next page and prepare to be amazed…or rather…shocked as hell by Pepa’s reveal…


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