Bootsy Collins Asks For Prayers…Undergoes Frightening Surgery

Posted On : May 17, 2017

Funk-soul icon, William “Bootsy” Collins is asking for all of us to keep him in our thoughts and prayers at this time.
bootsy collins blog picat spirits about last week when he announced it on Facebook. However, he also was accepting of the possibility of not waking up from that surgery, as he expresses in his post:

“Yep Funkateers! I found out last week that I had to get surgery to remove the tumour in my ear. But all things happen for a reason no matter what it looks like to us. The good news is that I am ready for Heads or Tails. The One prepared me this way. I am not concerned because I know that (THE ONE IS GOOD Y’ALL)! The Holy Grail said: “JUST A FLESH WOUND”! Love to all my Funkateers! Bootsy baby!!!”

Collins had the surgery on Tuesday (May 16, 2017) and just before being rolled into the surgery room at 5:30 a.m., he reached out to his fans once more for positive energy:

5:30am this morning have yr Flashlights, Praying goggles & Love Vibes on for the Magical hand of the “ONE” to retrieve a piece of foriegn matter. I will be off of FB for a few days but feel free to share yr Love with each other. (I will be on the Come Back Trail for U & the Funk! Bearhugs & Love! Bootsy baby!!!

Surgery Was A Success, Grueling Recovery Ahead

Thankfully, hours later Bootsy made it through and took to social media to express gratitude and requests prayers as he begins his healing process. The surgery has taken his hearing in his left ear and also causes him to lose his balance. This was his post post-surgery:

Throughout the years we’ve become so used to seeing ‘Mr. Bootzilla baby’ uplifted and bringing joy to everyone else’s lives with his electrifying guitar riffs, that it kinda takes us by surprise to see the funk legend down for a while. Hopefully Bootsy will make a speedy recovery and be back on his stage commanding the crowd and doing what he loves soon. Prayers up for Bootsy Collins.

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