BROTHER of Ralph Tresvant Reveals STRUGGLES He Had After Ralph’s Success

Posted On : February 15, 2017

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By now, most of New Edition’s fans have seen their BET biopic, The New Edition Story, and learned that Ralph Tresvant has a younger brother. In case you didn’t catch that part of the movie, it was in the first episode of the three part miniseries, when the kid-Ralph and his N.E. brothers were trying to figure out who could be their fifth member. Kid Ralph told their then-manager, Maurice Starr, that they couldn’t possibly pick his brother because he’d “just learned to walk a year ago,” LOL. Well, fast forward to today and we’ve found Ralph’s baby bro.’
Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 1.52.46 PM
The Tresvant brothers are really tight and they recently shared stories to about their family, their beloved mother, and their days coming up in Boston, MA. Tap ‘next’ to check out Ralph’s brother and what they reminisced about…

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