Busted: Police Now Say Atlanta Official Is Lying On R. Kelly & Kelly Is Pissed

Posted On : August 11, 2017

Laaaawd, this is getting REALLY weird! Another day, another allegation against R. Kelly- with two very different stories to back them up. If you caught our prior report, which was just a few hours before this one, then you watched Atlanta official publicly call for a criminal investigation into the R. Kelly ‘sex cult’ claims. But now, Atlanta police are saying that was straight up B.S….

Atlanta Official’s Earlier Claims

Earlier today (8-11-17), Fulton County Chairman, John Eaves, held a press conference today (8-11-17), calling for a criminal investigation into the ‘cult’ claims. Eaves says that although he is NOT accusing Kellz of being guilty, nor innocent, at this time, he believes there is ‘new’ info, about allegations against Kelly, that is sufficient enough to at least warrant an investigation:

“A detailed local investigation by the John Creek Police Department has provided key information that we believe is enough evidence that gives the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office all it needs to advance a criminal investigation of the well-known allegations,” Eaves stated just before the press conference.

Police Shoot Down Official’s Claims Of “New” Evidence

Welp, it only took a few hours for Atlanta police to call Eaves and the ‘new evidence’ he claimed to have heard about, a bunch of bullcrap, according to TMZ. Y’all have got to see this:

TMZ: Fulton County Chairman, John Eaves, told the media the JCPD obtained new, potentially incriminating evidence against the singer — and he urged prosecutors to launch an investigation. So, we called the Jones Creek PD to get all the deets — and they told us point blank, there’s NO new evidence and no compelling reason to open an investigation into Kelly.

They also revealed that R. Kelly is hella pissed with the reported lies the Fulton County Chairman has reportedly just told on him.

R. Kelly’s camp is furious with Eaves over his news conference — saying the singer is “outraged” at the insinuation he’s doing anything wrong and believes Eaves is using the situation for his own personal gain.

This whole R. Kelly ‘sex cult’ scandal is taking a really ridiculous turn. Now that the cops have spoken, these “sex cult” claims should be a done dada…but for some reason, it probably won’t be. This mess is starting to turn into a real life “Trapped In The Closet” saga for Kellz…we’ll keep y’all posted if another “chapter” comes out.


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