C+C Music Factory’s Frontman Survives By Doing THIS For A Living Now!

Posted On : September 17, 2015

fb c&c music factory
We know y’all remember this dude from the 90’s group, C+C Music Factory. If you don’t, then you probably at least remember hearing the lyrics to their multiplatinum song on the radio nonstop back in the day: “Come on let’s sweat sweat, baby. Let the music take control. Let the rhythm move you. SWEAT! Swe-eeeaaat! Let the music take your soul, let the rhythm move you!”  Okay, I couldn’t resist singing that song just now and I’m sure some of y’all were singing the words right along with me.

Anyways, the frontman of the group, Freedom Williams, fell on some really hard times. He was even homeless for a while, but now he’s surviving by doing something very interesting for a living…turn the page and let him explain it to you for himself…

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