Woah! Dave Chappelle Getting Paid HOW MANY MILLIONS For NEW Chappelle Show?

Posted On : November 22, 2016

It’s not The Chappelle Show, but it’s the next best thing! Wait until you see the deal Dave has worked up with the streaming mogul, Netflix. It’s astounding!

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Obviously, Dave’s still got it. It was questionable if Chappelle would be able to jump back into the comedy scene.

However, given his super successful Saturday Night Live debut, it’s official. And, you better bet Netflix isn’t missing out on this opportunity.

It’s Needed!

So, according to Page Six, Dave Chappelle has agreed to do three Netflix specials for the streaming giant. The source doesn’t specify whether they’re stand-ups or sketch-comedies.

According to the source, two of the Netflix specials will be from Dave Chappelle’s personal archive — obviously, something the public has never seen.

If you remember from his Chappelle Show, when he’d talk just before the skit, he said a few times that some of the stuff he developed wasn’t “approved” for the show.

So, who knows what’s in store for the audiences, right?

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Supposedly, all three are going to be simultaneously released in 2017. That’s awesome news.

2016 was a super bust for everything. We’re in need of a great laugh right now.

Wait…How Much??

Nevertheless, the announcement came on Monday, when a source told Page Six Dave struck the deal — to the tune of $60 MILLION!

That’s $20 MILLION PER SPECIAL, for those who want to do the math. The insider mentions as follows.

“Dave was offered $20 million a special. Netflix basically has a war chest for this kind of content. Whether it’s a loss or not, Dave Chappelle’s specials will get a lot of press and bring in new subscribers.”


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The source says, back in 2005, Chappelle walked away from his deal with Comedy Central — the one where he was supposed to do a third and fourth season of The Chappelle Show.

They offered him $50 million for both seasons. However, Dave left during mid-third season. So, instead of $50 million, he only ended up with $10 million.

However…come on. It’s $10 million. That’s still lifetime-money.

Netflix Is Grabbing’m Up

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Nonetheless, the streaming company has said it’s not going to officially comment on the “financial terms” of its deals.

Yet, it seems that Chappelle isn’t the only one Netflix is head-hunting.

The source also notes that the company has struck a deal with Chris Rock for $40 million. It notes Rock will complete two stand-up specials.

Overall, what are your thoughts regarding Dave Chappelle’s comeback? Feel free to share your comments in the section below.

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